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9 tips for installing low-voltage circuit breakers

By:Nader Updated:September 08,2020 18:25PM

9 tips for installing low-voltage circuit breakers:

(1). Before installation, check Circuit Breaker plate listed on the technical parameters are consistent with requirements.

(2).  Low-voltage circuit breaker should be mounted vertically, the front plate to allow connection of low voltage circuit breaker mounted on a metal support or metal plate, but the rear plate wiring must be installed on the low voltage circuit breaker insulating base. A fixed support or base plate low voltage circuit breaker must be flat, when the insulation base to prevent the fastening screw force and damage. In order to prevent accidents caused by arcing, low voltage circuit breakers should be insulated from the copper busbar from the package base insulator 200mm plus or spaced arc plate.

(3).  To be connected to the power supply line into the low voltage circuit breaker terminals of the stationary contact, a release load termination. To ensure that over-current trip protection features, the section of the connecting conductors should release rated current selection.

(4).  The use of the circuit breaker with fuse, the fuse should be installed before the circuit breaker, in order to ensure safety.

(5).  Low voltage circuit breaker trip unit thermal and electromagnetic trip unit at the factory calibration and seals with red paint, shall adjust itself during installation, so as not to affect the operation of the release characteristics. If the use of premises and operating current release does not match the rated current, low voltage circuit breakers should be reversed for Release rated current.

(6).  To prevent arcing, when considering the installation of the circuit breaker arcing distance, and near the top of the arc chamber noted arcing distance of no crossover bus.

(7).  When used as a low voltage circuit breaker or a circuit breaker control switch total motor power circuit breaker in the line-side disconnector must be installed, knife switch or a fuse, as apparent break point. Where a grounding screw of the product shall be grounded.

(8).  If the low voltage circuit breaker using an electric actuator, must pay attention to the power supply voltage of the actuator, not take the wrong.

(9).  Low voltage circuit breaker should be removed before installing the dust inside, suitable to add some more oil transmission parts; antirust oil solenoid trip unit should face wipe, so as not to affect the value of the electromagnetic mechanism of action.