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Schematic diagram of circuit breaker opening and closing

By:Nader Updated:September 08,2020 18:25PM
Control of the low voltage circuit breaker cabinet, which is to control the closing and opening. Place divided by control local control and centralized control of two. In the vicinity of the circuit breaker (electromagnet or motor) to complete the closing, opening task is operated locally operating a circuit breaker operating mechanism manually by hand or using a button control. This may be a way to save investment, saving cable and secondary equipment. Centralized control is performed in the main control room, such as a generator, the main transformer, and bus segment to the bus tie breaker and other devices, are centralized control. Generally tens of meters to hundreds of meters distance between this control mode are controlled circuit breaker and the main control room, it is also referred to as a "remote control."

Is controlled by the circuit breaker auxiliary circuitry. In the main control room shall be provided to the control panel sends a control switch or button closing, opening command, the actuator should execute a command on the circuit breaker (i.e. closing, opening coil). Between the control switches and the actuator are connected via a control cable.

Complete closing the circuit breaker, opening the electrical circuit referred to as a task control circuit. Power control circuit according to the kind of operation can be divided into two kinds of DC operation and AC operation; divided by wiring and equipment employed, the strong and weak control two electrically controlled.

1. Basic model requires

A lot of circuit breaker, actuator (operation) mechanism is also varied, so that the control circuit, there are many types. However, their basic requirements are the same.

(1). Capable of manual closing, opening, can be achieved by a relay with automatic means for automatically closing, opening. After closing, the opening operation is completed, shall be automatically cut off, sub-gate circuit, so as not to burn out the coil.

(2). Can indicate breaker closing, opening position state. When the circuit breaker closing position, a red traffic light; in the OFF position, a bright green light. Flash represents automatically closing, opening state. The control circuit should have fuse protection.

(3). To monitor the integrity of the control and power circuits. Anticreep locking device

(4). Having a mechanical or electrical.

(5). Wiring to be simple and reliable.

2. Several control circuit

(1):  Manual, automatic control circuit. FIG 1 is a manual, automatic circuit breakers 1101 together, opening the circuit. FIG controls switch SA, since it has complex mechanism, i.e., the end of the circuit breaker operating handle is automatically returned to its original intermediate position.

(2): QF2 and QE, respectively opening and closing coil winding of the electromagnetic actuator, KM for the closing contact, QF1 and QF4 is an auxiliary contact of the circuit breaker QF, IKAU rl is normally open movable contact means, KPo outlet protective relay is normally open contact.