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How to choose circuit breaker?

By:Nader Updated:August 11,2020 11:26AM

How to choose circuit breaker?

The circuit breaker has only a short-circuit protection, the control circuit may be used for protection fuse.

In fact, this is too much trouble speaking, sub-forums, the main role of parts used, but also the load

give you a map, all clear.

Circuit breaker type Current type and range Protection features Main purpose
Distribution line protection Exchange 200~400A Select Type B Secondary protection Instantaneous Main power switch
Short delay
Three-stage protection Instantaneous
Short delay
Long time delay
Non-selection Type A Current limiting type Long time delay Branch near-end switch and branch end switch
General type Instantaneous
DC 600~6000A Fast type With polarity, without polarity Protect thyristor AC equipment
General type Long delay, instantaneous Protect general DC equipment
Motor protection Exchange 60~600A Start directly General type Momentary action of overcurrent release
Multiple (8 ~ 15) In
Protect the cage motor
Current limiting type Momentary action of overcurrent release
Multiple 12In
To protect the cage motor, it can also be installed near the transformer end
Indirect start Momentary action of overcurrent release
Multiple (3 ~ 8) In
Protection of cage motors and winding motors
Lighting and wire protection Exchange 5~50A Load long delay, instantaneous disconnection Stand-alone, in addition to being used for lighting, it can also be used for secondary circuits of electrical equipment and models in living buildings
Leakage protection Communication 20~200A 15mA, 30mA, 50mA, 75mA, 100mA, breaking within 0.1s Ensure the safety of life and prevent fires caused by leakage
Special purpose AC or DC Generally only instantaneous action is required Such as de-excitation switch