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Why does the air switch trip?

By:Nader Updated:August 13,2020 17:33PM

Air switch is a very important electrical appliance in low-voltage power distribution network and electric drive system. It integrates control and multiple protection functions. In addition to completing the contact and breaking the circuit, it can also short-circuit the circuit or electrical equipment. Severe overload and undervoltage protection, and can also be used to start the motor infrequently.

The home power supply usually has a circuit breaker tripping. It is necessary to judge whether it is a malfunction caused by electrical appliances, short circuits, leakage, or the insulation of the switch itself. The best way is to use the disconnect method to narrow the fault range and find the fault point. The ammeter detects the working current of the electrical appliance to determine whether the nominal value of the circuit breaker can still meet the standard!

The total air switch trips in 3 ways:

1. The load is too large, you can replace the MCB with a larger load.

2. There is a problem with the line, the line is grounded, or the line meets, which requires professional maintenance.

3. There are problems with the household appliances at home, so one by one, rule out the problems with the appliances.