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What does the leakage circuit breaker 30ma mean?

By:Nader Updated:August 17,2020 15:47PM

By direct contact of electrical shock hazards relatively large, causing serious consequences, so to use a higher sensitivity leakage circuit breakers, power tools, portable electrical equipment and temporary line, should be installed in the operating current of 30ma circuit, operation time leakage circuit breakers within 0.1s of. More residential household appliances, preferably mounted on the rear into the household power meter. So, it should be installed in the loop operating current of 30ma 30ma this number is what does that mean? In fact, representatives 30ma rated leakage current, IΔn = 30mA represents the rated residual current 30mA, IΔ = 15 mA represents the rated leakage current 15mA. It refers to a group of current flowing charge. Magnitude of the current is called a current intensity, the amount of charge by means of a cross-section of the wire per coulomb of electricity through a one amp per unit time is referred. Ampere is a basic unit of the International System of Units. Ammeter is designed to measure the current instrument. There are many natural load charge carriers, e.g., electrons movable conductive body, the electrolyte ions, electrons and the like ions within the ion, in hadron quark. Because of the presence of voltage, electric power is generated field, the free charge circuit subjected to electric force generated directional movement, thus forming a current circuit.

30ma refers to the rated current leakage circuit breakers, if the leakage exceeds the rated leakage current leakage circuit breaker will trip. Most drain leakage circuit breakers only one kind of specifications, has a drain leakage circuit breaker has several specifications, using DIP switches to select the rated leakage current block value. Leakage circuit breakers rated current 30ma refers to the leakage circuit breakers, in fact, for the earth leakage circuit breaker, the leakage circuit breaker parameters 30ma just one parameter index, there are a lot of indicators can help identify leakage circuit breakers scope and attention matter, if you are interested in some of the indicators parameters leakage circuit breakers, the more some understanding of it.