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Why can't the air switch be pushed up?

By:Nader Updated:August 26,2020 20:33PM

The air switch has a trip accident, and the attempt to close cannot be successful. In addition to troubleshooting its own fault, it is generally because the line fault has not been eliminated. You can try the following methods to eliminate the fault:

1. Tripping failures are generally divided into several types: short circuit, leakage, overload, home electrical equipment failure, switch failure, etc.

2. If a tripping fault occurs, you can try to send it once. Some circuit faults are timely and timely. For example, the energy-saving bulb may be burned or the electronic components inside may cause a trip. However, the fault is temporary, you can try Send it once, if it still doesn’t close, then don’t send it and continue with the following steps.

3. Judge which switch is controlled by the switch that cannot be closed. If it is the main switch, turn off the sub-switches next to it in turn, and then try to send the main switch (if it is a leakage switch, the leakage display button above the switch is If it pops up, be sure to press this button back.) If it can be closed, it proves that the fault is on the shunt switch. Close the shunt switch in turn. When the main switch of which switch is closed, this route is the fault route.

4. After determining the fault circuit, all the loads on this circuit can be cut off, such as plugs, switches, etc.

5. Trial delivery. If it still does not close, the problem is more complicated. It is recommended to find a professional electrician for repair.