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CCTV Interview with Ren Silong, Chairman of Nader: Innovating cutting-edge electrical technology to promote green and low-carbon development of optical storage

By:QUISURE Updated:September 25,2023 11:12AM

  After entering the 14th Five Year Plan, driven by the "dual carbon" policy, the new energy industry has entered a new cycle of rapid development, and the development momentum of China's photovoltaic market is good. The data shows that the cumulative installed capacity of photovoltaics in the first four months of this year was 48.31GW, a year-on-year increase of 186.2%. With the decline in silicon material prices, the supporting mechanism for photovoltaic storage is becoming increasingly sound, and demand is fully released. Experts predict that the total installed capacity of new photovoltaic units in China is expected to reach 140-150GW in 2023, a year-on-year increase of over 60%.

  Recently, Nader made a grand appearance at the 16th SNEC Photovoltaic Exhibition in 2023. That night, the CCTV-2 financial channel focused on the cutting-edge photovoltaic supporting new technologies at this year's exhibition. As a leading enterprise in inverter supporting technology, Nader Chairman Ren Silong gave an interview to CCTV. He stated that the NDG3V specialized isolation switch for photovoltaic (PV) is the main component of the inverter, and it has independent protection technology and functions when encountering abnormal current flow, When an abnormally high current occurs, the isolation switch NDG3V can cut off the entire circuit within 10 milliseconds, allowing photovoltaic (PV) equipment to avoid losses.

  Photovoltaic inverters can convert the variable DC voltage generated by photovoltaic (PV) solar panels into mains frequency alternating current (AC), which can be fed back to commercial transmission systems or used for off-grid power grids. Inverter is one of the important system balances in photovoltaic array systems and can be used in conjunction with general AC powered equipment.

  As a pioneer, promoter, and practitioner in the field of new energy electrical technology, Nader has been deeply involved in the photovoltaic field for many years, providing the most comprehensive photovoltaic system solutions in the industry for different characteristics such as centralized power stations, industrial and commercial cluster power stations, village level poverty alleviation distributed power stations, and household photovoltaic systems. At the same time, Nader has proposed a series of products with extreme environmental adaptability based on the industry pain points of high voltage scenarios and high breaking capacity in the photovoltaic industry. Following the trend of industry technology development, Nader has successfully solved the forward-looking demand for switching devices in the latest technology solutions of industry giants such as Sungrow Power, Huawei, Shangneng Electric, and Gudewei, winning a competitive advantage for customers.

  In 2022, Nader had a market share of over 55% in the domestic photovoltaic low-voltage switchgear market, ranking first in sales in the country. It has accumulated over 120GW of new energy power generation equipment shipments, becoming the first brand of low-voltage appliances in the photovoltaic industry. This series of highlights demonstrate Nader's commitment to research and innovation.

  For example, the photovoltaic "cascade active protection technology" achieves remote control and 10ms rapid fault cutoff, ensuring the safety of the power plant and assisting unmanned operation. The NDG3V 50H/F DC switch can remotely cut off the fault current in a timely manner within 10 milliseconds in case of circuit failure, avoiding greater safety accidents caused by small current faults, and solving the industry pain point of slow response to small current fault protection on the DC side of power station level photovoltaic inverters.

  The intelligent distribution of photovoltaic supporting equipment has become a development trend and will also be an inevitable requirement for the high-quality development of the industry. To this end, Nader has developed the Magic Link Power intelligent distribution system, which will provide a large amount of electrical data for the photovoltaic system and monitor the energy consumption, faults, status, equipment health information, etc. of each circuit in real time. This will effectively achieve digital management, efficient operation and maintenance, and improve the overall intelligence level of the industry.

  While promoting the implementation of the dual carbon strategy, Nader actively practices "going global". Now, with its successful overseas brand and reputation, Nader has achieved fruitful results in expanding the overseas photovoltaic market, such as the world's largest single unit photovoltaic power plant, the Al Dhafra PV2 photovoltaic project in the United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi region, and the Kartar Alkasa 800 MW photovoltaic power plant project. Through technological innovation, Nader has solved the problem of developing desert photovoltaic power plants under high temperature and harsh conditions for customers.

  In the context of integration, as the development of new energy industries such as photovoltaic enters the "fast lane", the concentration of the industry will further increase. Nader will complement the advantages of upstream and downstream enterprises with higher product quality and lower electricity costs, and reduce the cost of photovoltaic power generation with stronger market competitiveness, becoming an important practitioner of energy transformation.