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Awards & Honors || Nader crowned as the “2016 Best Suppl

By:Nader Updated:August 01,2020 17:45PM

  In February 2017, Shanghai Liangxin Electrical Co., Ltd. (Nader) stood out from 170 suppliers and was honored with the "2016 Best Supply Guarantee Award" by Huawei for its outstanding performance in quality and delivery.




  During its cooperation with Huawei, Nader always actively responds to customer needs and strives for mutual growth through constant self-improvement in business philosophy and management requirements. Nader's winning can be attributed to the in-depth cooperation and efficient collaboration with Huawei over the last decade as well as the active response and effective linkage mechanism of Nader's departments. Nader has made breakthroughs one after another in product delivery to meet the requirements of Huawei's urgent projects. It has imposed great challenges on Nader's raw material procurement, production line operation and resource coordination. However, Nader never retreated. It fulfills its commitment to customers with efficient and high quality delivery. In the future, Nader will, as always, adhere to customer orientation, uphold the high standards and strict requirements, provide support at the greatest extent and address difficulties and pain points for customers.