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How to deal with water in the transformer?

By:Nader Updated:August 13,2020 17:33PM

How to deal with water in the transformer?

(1)  Induction heating, the original is placed on the body of the tank, the outer tank passing a current through the coil is wound, the use of eddy current heating tank skin to dry. Article tank wall may be a plurality of pads asbestos, asbestos wire is wound on the strip. Induction heating power required is determined according to the type of transformer and the drying conditions.

(2)  Hot-air drying: the transformer in the drying chamber, passed through hot air drying. The drying chamber can be based on the body size of a variator-wall panels, asbestos or other paved inner wall through fire solution impregnated canvas or asbestos linen. The drying chamber should be as small as possible, the distance between the wall and the transformer should not exceed 200mm. Available furnace, steam heated serpentine tube. In a hot air inlet filter should be installed or loaded metal grid to eliminate Mars dust. Hot air shall not be blown directly onto the body, each part as uniformly as possible blows from the body following the release of moisture through the tank vent.

(3)  Oven drying method: if there is an oven repairing apparatus places, small-capacity transformer of this method is better. When hanging the body into the drying oven, controlling the internal temperature was 95 deg.] C, the insulation resistance measured once per h. An upper oven should vent for release of evaporated moisture. In addition, there should be manned during the drying process, paying particular attention to safety.