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How to wire the circuit breaker shunt trip?

By:Nader Updated:August 13,2020 17:34PM

Shunt trip coil voltage AC and DC types, voltage magnitude various voltage levels. DC24V power source for a fire when the fire power cut by the shunt trip coil power supply is a most convenient and simple. Shunt trip coil is energized only for a short time, over time to burn; so in the control loop in the normally closed contacts connected in series to a circuit breaker, the circuit breaker tripping off current shunt trip coil.

The shunt trip C1 and C2 are the trip coil, the C1 and C2 to the control power supply shunt. Wherein C2 is connected to the power supply phase line, C1 to the control by an external control contact or a negative power line N of the DC.

Auxiliary portions 12 and 14 normally open and normally closed contacts, there is a common line terminal 11. Circuit breaker to open the normally closed state signal terminal 12, the signal terminal 14 normally open. Wiring depends on your fire alarm wiring diagram, 12 stands to reason to pick-off signal, the signal terminal 14 connected to the switch is closed, so that a feedback signal to be received by components of the current operating state of the shunt trip.