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Public Building

By:Nader Updated:August 04,2020 11:32AM

The public building is related to the athletic education, science and technology, medical health, administrative office and other livelihood sectors. With China's continuous economic growth, people's demands on the health, recreation, entertainment, and other spiritual levels are increasing, but lag behind developed countries and are unevenly distributed. Taking the medical health as an example, China's per-capita medical resources are lower than those in developed countries, and the average medical resources of the urban population is 2.5 times more than the rural population (three places with the richest resources: Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin). Therefore, focus of the public construction industry will gradually be transferred to second and third-tier cities along with the “Spillover Effect” of the first-tier cities so as to drive the development of urban public building market for second and third-tier cities.

The public building has the following features:

1. Use publicnessand openness ;

2. Functional diversity ;

3. trafficLarge streams of;

4. Building structurecomplexity.

These features require the proper continuity, safety, reliability and environmental protection of the distribution system in the public building industry. Naderhas focused on the low-voltage electrical equipment for 17 years, and enables to provide customers with low-cost system solutions with the strong technical strength and reliable products to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the power supply system. In 2008, the company provided the reliable and safe distribution products for the Oriental Sports Center, which was highly praised by customers.