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Smart electrical,New future | 2021 Summit Meeting of Nader with Customers Connection, Set Sail

By:Nader Updated:August 06,2021 19:15PM
On June 16, in Jiaxing, China, thousands of industry experts and enterprise leaders gathered to focus on digital production and smart electrical, and explore the new future of smart electric.

2021 Summit Meeting of Nader with Customers Connection, Set Sail

With Digital Empowerment, Grow with Customers Together

At the meeting, Mr. Ren, chairman of Nader, delivered a welcome speech for the summit. Under the background of "double cycle, new infrastructure" and "carbon neutral, carbon peak", Nader invited experts from different industries discuss new ideas of win-win cooperation, looking forward to share this opportunity to enable integration and jointly promote the ecological construction of China's intelligent manufacturing and smart electric.
In the face of the industry development opportunities brought by the digital economy and the reducing carbon emissions target, Nader will adhere to the principle of centralization and focus, make every effort to do a good job in its main business, form a competitive advantage, continue to invest in research and development, penetrate innovation into every unit of the organization, and achieve sustainable and effective high-quality growth。
Under the wave of energy digitization, Mr. Ren said that Nader will adhere to the value of "achieving customers" for a long time, comply with the general trend of the industry, and cooperate with partners to innovate, reduce costs, increase quality and improve efficiency, so as to gain competitive advantage together.

Follow the trend, smart electric enables customers to succeed

In the face of economic environment uncertainty and other factors, how can enterprises achieve high-quality sustainable development?
Based on his long-term practice and profound insight into the market, Mr. Dong, vice president of Nader, shared in the conference that customer orientation is the driving force of Nader's development;
Customized solutions to solve customer differentiated needs, integrated intelligent production mode, end-to-end rapid response to customer needs, digital transformation to facilitate connectivity... From the research and development, manufacturing, solutions, service process, Nader has always been to create long-term value for customers and achieve customers.
2021 Summit Meeting of Nader with Customers Connection, Set Sail

New products are made intelligently, constantly highlighting brand confidence

Under the tide of scientific and technological confidence, brands with hard technology are using scientific and technological innovation to highlight Nader manufacturing, made in China.
On the meeting, Nader first intelligent power distribution system of cloud 2.0, NEA brand cabinet, such as new products, to present you the smart cloud distribution equipment, network system and supervision system of interconnectivity exchange and data sharing, based on the real-time monitoring of electric power and electricity transparency, further enhance customer electricity management efficiency, reduce operational costs, reduce carbon emissions and boost the sustainable development.
2021 Summit Meeting of Nader with Customers Connection, Set Sail

Nader the second production base, Haiyan 4.0 intelligent park to facilitate cloud exploration

Standing on the "tuyere" of the transformation and development of the manufacturing industry, Nader took advantage of the situation and showed you the remarkable achievements of Haiyan 4.0 intelligent manufacturing base construction in the form of cloud.
2021 Summit Meeting of Nader with Customers Connection, Set Sail
Through online live on the Internet, the guests really felt the R & D and production strength of Nader intelligent digital factory: the Nader Haiyan 4.0 intelligent manufacturing base, covering 206 mu with a total investment of 2 billion yuan, covers the entire industrial chain of intelligent low-voltage electrical appliances, including mold, stamping, injection molding, electroplating, welding, electronics, assembly, warehousing and logistics. Strong supply chain support has comprehensively improved the customer response ability, and also promoted the digital and intelligent transformation process of Nader.

Gather the strength of the industry to explore the new future of intelligent development

With the development of energy Internet, the construction of interconnected power system has become the general trend.
This summit invited representatives and technical experts from China Sinopec, Huawei, Alibaba, Haier, RITTAL and other enterprises to talk about how to promote the intelligent development of power energy with innovative technologies and products in the era of digital transformation in combination with their own industry characteristics and work experience. Participants said that the industrial Internet is the infrastructure for the digitalization and intellectualization of the industrial economy, and also the key to promoting Customers' supply side structural reform and accelerating high-quality development. They hoped to comprehensively speed up the intelligent upgrading of Nader products through cloud AI services, Internet of things technology, open digital service platform and digital solutions, Help Nader to quickly establish a leading edge in digital transformation.
Under the background of the great change of Internet of things, the low-voltage electrical industry in the ecological industry chain needs to integrate with other industries and develop cooperatively. Based on the advantages of made in China, the supply chain is stable and reliable. In the future, Nader is looking forward to opening new opportunities for full connection of low-voltage electrical systems with more local and overseas partners and customers.
2021 Summit Meeting of Nader with Customers Connection, Set Sail
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